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March 8, 2018


I’m John Martinson of, a place for pen people. Which I hope means you. If this is your first time, Welcome!

We’ve been in this business for a long time, going to cities across the country, helping people find THE writing instrument they can use every day for work, play or journaling at home.  Some of our customers are from all sorts of professions and we help them find out what they want, so we can provide them what they need in a pen.

Sometimes we’ll have collectors who want that specific ball point, or rollerball.  Or some just like different pencils.  But others can enjoy their time, coming to our tables at shows, to try out pens and see which ones they like. Specifically, fountain pens.  Many of our customers have never held a fountain pen before, and have heard of them, but were hesitant to try one.  Others probably seen what amateurs and professionals can do with a fountain pen on various online forums and videos. 

Our job is for you to become one of them, and in turn, become one of us crazies who love pens.

We believe in pens for the masses, and what makes us different is we want everyone to use a pen, even if it is for small notes, drawing people and plants in a cafe, architectural drawing, or annotating within a book.  Pens can be very helpful in adding clarity to your thoughts, and to your life.  In a way, our hope is by purchasing a pen or two from, you will enrich your life by using them.

Many of the pens online, whether on Amazon or eBay, are easily available, and some of them are rare, expensive, or perform a certain way.  But when you select a pen from, you are not just buying a pen, but an investment within yourself, reasonably priced and reliable to use. A pen is something you can use in your notebooks, or if you want to jot down a note, or even writing your ideas down on paper, instead of online.  It’s more permanent, and when your ideas stay on paper, it leaves an imprint on your brain, too. 

I’m sure there are many of you who had seen vintage pens with gold nibs that perform a certain way, giving flexible thick and thin lines. Sometimes you’ll see videos of a calligrapher using dip pens. Well, if you’re like me, who is not a professional calligrapher, you probably want something that will make your writing look better and important.  That is why I sell pens with custom made hand ground Italics, Stubs, Obliques, and Needlepoint nibs.

Each pen we sell is hand ground to give an edge to your writing; thick and thin lines with a sweet spot Italic, using minimal effort.  Slanted 15 to 30 degree Obliques for left handed writers or right handed over writers, who also want wide and narrow lines.  Then we also create Needlepoint nibs, so you could create small notes, narrower than most gel pens write. The best of all, though, is you have a pen designed exactly for you, that you can use and cherish forever.

Now, not everyone is going to use fountain pens.  So sells ball point and roller ball pens, too.  Some of them are rare, new old stock pens in great quality. While others are discounted, reliable pens, easily obtainable, without going through a search on eBay.  This also includes refills, as well.  If you need to find a certain pen, or even a refill for a pen, don’t hesitate to ask.

If you have a vintage mechanical pencil which needs erasers and/or leads, MartinsonWirth has the largest surplus of pencil supplies around.  If you have a mechanical pencil, or a Victorian-era pencil, or want to complete your vintage pen set, we have everything from a variety of brands, even some no longer in production. If you are looking for that rare lead size for your pencil, or odd shaped eraser, we got it.

If you want to know more, you can feel free to write to us, e-mail us, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Just remember, when you visit this website online at MartinsonWirth, we always take care of our own. That’s a promise.


January 8, 2018

Introduction to Fountain Pens

Hey there! Welcome to! I am John Martinson.

You probably want to know what this is all about, right? Well, this is an introduction to how fountain pens can make your life better. I'm sure you're interested, right? No? Well, go back to Facebook.

They're gone now, right? Okay, then we can continue.

The purpose of is about helping you find the right pen for you. Something you can write with, and enjoy for the rest of your life. Now, not all pens are the same. Some have longer barrels, or shorter barrels. Some with skinny barrels or with wider barrels. Some pens are also with a light weight, medium weight or a heavy weight. For us, we want you to select the pen which works and feels right.

Most manufacturers offer fine or medium nibs for their fountain pens. There’s a reason for this too; they emulate ball points and roller ball pens, which are the most common writing instruments made today. Most of these types of pens are cheap, easily available, and disposable. We don’t sell disposable writing instruments here. If you want that, go on eBay or AliBaba.

We have a tradition where the pen becomes part of you. It starts as an ordinary fountain pen, and then we turn it into something magical; italics, obliques and needlepoint designs, which we will talk about in our next blog post.

Our business has a heritage which dates back to 1979 with our founder, Susan Wirth, who became a beacon for writing instruments the world over. Every person who ever encountered Susan Wirth was forever changed as a user and as a fountain pen enthusiast. In a way, going to a phenomenon called a “pen show?” Well, Susan Wirth was the pen show.

That is what we are continuing to do. To celebrate the joy of writing instruments with one customer at a time, by making them happy with a pen in their hand, and maybe, a pen in another hand.














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